Friday, April 4, 2008

1st Tahan Expedition, part 27.... Mountain Plants

After nearly 40 years they still look well-preserved. I'm referring to some of the tiny ferns, leaves, mosses, bark and flowers which I collected from the 1st Tahan Expedition. Not having had any particular or special training in plant specimen preservation, I simply pasted the ends
of each piece of fauna with scotch tape onto the pages of an exercise book.
I have no clue to the specimens' actual names.
The value to me will always be that they once were part of our collective experience in that remote rain forest of the Gunung Tahan region....back in 1969.
To many others, they see leaves, twigs, bark etc.. as nothing more than just that.
For me, it is an emotional thing. Something that money cannot buy since they were picked by me and carefully protected to this day even.

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