Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mt OPHIR ( Gunung Ledang ) 1969

The 1st time I had scaled Gunung Ledang ( Mt Ophir ) in Johore, Malaysia was in late March/early April 1969. That was a mere fortnight before our 1st Gunung Tahan Expedition.
That trip was organised and led by Twang Peck Ee and assisted by Balbir and me. For this training trek we had the company of some staff and students of Broaderick Secondary School. Peck Ee was a member of the staff then.
The trail up Mt Ophir was quite clearly marked with simple, handmade signboards when we came to any major forked junctions....in the jungle. That was helpful and merely by following the signs carefully one may not need a guide. There were also simple maps but they were not easily available. Nevertheless, people have got lost in treks to Ophir in the past and great care must always be taken to at least ensure some of the climbers are experienced and familiar with the trail and terrain.
Top Left: Balbir in foreground...way past 3000 ft altitude.
Top Right: Having a rest at base camp...Twang and me having a chat with the others.
Bottom L: Balbir, me and Cikgu...had a wondrous view of the setting sun.
Bottom R: We were covered in light mist and rain very close to the summit. I had the same jacket which I also used at G Tahan ( centre ).


Lam Chun See said...

I went to Mt Ophir in April 1980. Check out my account and photos here.

uncle dick said...

Did you actually pitch your basha at the very top of Ophir? Or just a little way off the peak, at the side of a slope? The reason I ask this is something interesting. I will relate more in my next post about Ophir.

Lam Chun See said...

I think so. Too long ago to remember.