Thursday, May 1, 2008

Soccer Action...LIVE.! at Prata shop.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

LIVE Soccer action at Kopitiam, Pubs and Prata shop

Since my home has Starhub cable TV connection I have never gone to a Kopitiam, Pub or anywhere else to get my weekly dose of "live" football action. I'm speaking about the EPL, the Spanish and Italian League mainly. Above all these is the European Champions' League and the pinnacle of it that comes once every 4 years....the World Cup.
When watching games at home there is some advantage.
Comfort of armchair, you can sit or plonk yourself in any position, have countless drinks and
tidbits at hand. No more! Just go to your kitchen and rob your fridge.
GOAL! Scream as loud as you like and no one complains...that is if you are watching alone.
One game you are watching seems to be played by zombies, not pro footballers. One click and you switch to another station, different game.
Those are some of the benefits and comforts of home.
BUT NOTHING BEATS WATCHING "LIVE" ACTION with other like-minded soccer fanatics
at coffee-shops, Pubs and Prata shops.
I went to get my 1st feel and experience last week at my nearby Prata House. Like it so much...
tonight I'm going there again to catch the 2nd leg S-final between Chelsea and Liverpool later at
2.40 am !
I was there early this morning watching the 2nd leg S-final between Manchester United and Barcelona....from 2:40 am to about 4: 45 am.
When I arrived, the place was already packed with about 100 people, game just started, some people were standing. I managed to "Kapo" a chair, plonked myself at a table edge and ordered a "Teh Alia" and "Roti telor/bawang". Total cost $2.80.
The Ooohs and the Aaaahs for this tackle,that missed shot etc..and the unforgetable SCREAMSand YELLINGS when Paul Scholes scored the 1st and only goal of the match in the
14th min, set the place alight. I realised this was the kind of action I have been missing for so, so
long. Watching such games and chatting with total strangers about anything and everything of the players and teams most REFRESHING!
This is a part of the neighbourhood, of our community, of our people and country I never really saw and understood.
I understand now.

Unk Dick
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Anonymous said...

Good morning Elder...
I know, you are not going to answer me... but just want to let you know... that really... you've been missing a lot.. lot.. lot by not going to watch soccer with TOTALLY perfect strangers!!!!


uncle dick said...

Hi Zan!
Welcome and thanks for visiting. Do drop in or invite other Victorians to visit here anytime.
Just wanted to let you know I do respond to all comments where poss.
Agree I had missed much of the spontaneous action at "live" soccer games in shops and pubs etc.
The camaradie amongst kakis who are strangers to one another do exist. 2 malay cab drivers keep a look-out for me...reserving a seat when I come. They come to see the games before going on their rounds.
Really nice hajis.
We'll meet again this week end.
There are others.