Friday, August 8, 2008

The Greatest OLYMPIC OPENING ceremony...ever!

Tonight, 08-08-08 or as we say 8th August in the year 2008 ....this one single day would likely be remembered as the most important and significant day in CHINA's long 5000 year history. Before the modern era, in her past history, China remained virtually closed to the outside world. Except for the opening of the Silk Route and the maritime voyages by the great Zheng He, China was unknown to the world.
At the turn of the century, China was forced into opening up her country by the imperial and colonising powers and was largely humiliated in the process. The Chinese nation and her people had to endure such humiliation for nearly half a century.

The changes to the nation since then have been immense. Tonight, 4 billion people around the world had more than a good look at the phenomenal transformation that had taken place in China over the last 30 years.

More than 80 world leaders were also watching in awe inside the Bird Nest National Stadium.
As for me...I was watching it "LIVE"
on MediaCorp channel 5. It was by far the BEST and most SPECTACULAR of all opening ceremonies in the history of the Olympics. And I have seen all the ceremonies since 1960 Rome Olympics. I remember Nadia Comaneci that famous Gymnast being the 1st Olympic gymnast to score a perfect 10 out of 10 in gymnastics. She won the Gold. Based on what I have witnessed tonight of the entire opening

ceremony, I would award CHINA a perfect 10 for this AWESOME EXTRAVAGANZA of superbly chereographed dance, music,drumming, moving display,wizardry,fireworks....the lot!

It would be very difficult for anyone else to surpass such an opening ceremony.
Not only were the Chinese prepared to spend about US $ 50 Billion for the games but they had so much ability and creative talent in all areas.
Famed Zhang Yimou, the film director, was overall in charge of the opening ceremony.

The photos here...I had no choice. I used my dependable digital Canon camera to shoot direct from my TV screen. So the images cannot be sharp but sufficient to capture the mood and the history-making moments.

Top: The Olympic flame after it was set ablazed by the Final Torch Bearer Li Ning....who was given this most Prestigious honour among all their sports or top personalities, both past and present. He was a triple GOLD medallist in the 1984 LA Games in Gymnastics.

The next pic shows him lighting the flame...after he performed a high-wire "running" act seen in the next pic.

I managed to capture our very own Singapore contingent led by Li Jiawei carrying the flag.
Last pic...part of a spectacular item from which a giant globe was slowly raised from the ground and dancers performing on it.


peter said...

i say it was awesome. Imagine the ability to weave and turn traditional Asian cultural dances into Hollywood effects.

I remembered the Seoul Ollumpics which had the drum roll. It was so old-fasioned but the Beijing version had a "hip" impact similar to those hip-hop dances.

I found this was the first time that commentaries were in French, followed by English and then Chinese. Other Olympics started in the host national language and tghen English. This shows that China is no more "Su Pu Su". This leads me to wonder what standard of English we have in Singapore when we wer eonce ruled by Britania? Ours is Chinese with one or two words of English. We should take a leaf from China and get back to speaking better English and proper Chinese if the need be. MY friends on the Mainland tell me that for foreigners to believe China cannot speak English properly is to under estaimte the determination China shows to be modernised.

uncle dick said...

Hi was simply as you say AWESOME beyond words. The foreign reports on top news site gave top marks with unselfish HIGH PRAISES for what we all witnessed..last night.
CHINA has come of age!