Monday, August 4, 2008

A look inside our Cabin

This was the room on board our luxury cruise ship. As you can see, it came with a good window view...nothing blocking the view from inside. There were 2 single beds with overhead reading lights on the wall.

In the small confines of the room, there was still space and allowance for an attached bath and shower room, clothes cupboard, small writing desk, A Tv set and utility drawers.

Now....the question is why on earth was I bare-bodied ?

Is this a vicarious attempt to show my less than perfect physique ?[ although my present physical fitness and especially my cardio-vascular fitness is another matter. For a person of my age...believe me when I say I can give people half my age a run for their money when it comes to beating them, whether in a sport or game...swimming, running,Badminton...etc . ]
The simple truth of the was a very hot afternoon even inside our room. The Air/con could not be made any stronger. So, we made our own kopi-o with the kopi bags that D2 had thankfully brought along and had a good coffee break from the heat outside.


Timothy Kendrick said...

what a wondereful journey. Thank you for sharing. Abundant Blessings to you

uncle dick said...

Hi there Timothy!
Thanks for your lovely comments and for visiting. Yes, it truly was an enriching journey all the way. There is still much more to come in my blogposts.
BTW, just visited your blogs...WOW ! You are a real pro!
Hats off to you. Full of good stuff there.
How is lovely,sunny Florida today? Last time I was there was in 1992.
Warm regards!