Friday, August 15, 2008

No longer the same old story ending !

In my previous post titled ' Alien in Beijing', I recounted how we have all
been patiently waiting for our next Olympic medal of any colour since Tan Howe Liang's Silver achieved in Rome, in 1960.....48 year to date.!
And I said I will make a special Magical wish for this sad state of affairs to change ( see my remarks in Green at the post ). It is not a joke.

I was watching the game "LIVE" on TVthis afternoon. Singapore had let slip a 2-1 lead against South Korea in this S-Final of the women's Table-Tennis played in Beijing, when Dang Ye Seo beat Wang Yuegu (Sg) in 3 easy tie it up at 2 - 2 overall matches won.
It was now left totally to Park Mi Young of S Korea and Feng Tianwei of Singapore ( Photo of Tianwei being hugged by SG coach Liu G D) to decide the final outcome and the fate of our 2 teams. Tianwei had already given us a BIG head start by beating Dang Ye Seo 3-0. And now, in the 5th and final match up, our destiny was in her hands.

She won the 1st 2 sets, lost the 3rd and in the 4th set with Matchpoint at 10-9 in her favour,
her rival Park served out....and the score was 11-9. SINGAPORE HAD MADE HISTORY AGAIN after 48 long years of drought.!
By beating S Korea 3-2 , we advaced into the FINAL against the host nation CHINA.
That match will be played on Sunday night...2 days from now.
All the players should be congratulated .
But the one player who showed RAW COURAGE and displayed TRUE GRIT more than the others, is FENG Tianwei.
In my sporting book she is the S'porean Heroine of this Sensational, history-making win.
She is the one that ensured that the previous story told every 4 years,for this past half century, would no longer have the same old boring ending.
Remember this date Singaporeans!.........Friday, 15th August 2008, Beijing Olympics.

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