Friday, August 22, 2008

The Perfect BoB

If you have been watching the medal presentation ceremonies at the the various sporting venues of the Beijing Olympics, one thing in particular stood out clearly....the elegant and pretty hostesses performing their roles to perfection. I was wondering about how they were selected, what kind of training did they receive and what essential qualities were the Games organisers looking for?
Since our country will be hosting the very 1st Youth Olympics in 2010, we would do well to learn from China....otherwise our hostesses may very well turn out to be no more than "Ah Lians". As a matter of fact, I have witnessed many of such "Ah Lians" in my long association with organised sports in Singapore. They were chosen unwittingly by people in charge who did not exercise care and diligence. Quite often, they were "friends of friends" types.

The "ah Lians" had no looks, no proper posture, no elite training...nothing!

Just look at the pictures of these Beijing hostesses...I'm certain they look every inch better in real life.( The one in photo below caught my attention. I thought that famed actress GONG LI was somehow involved !! )
Ok, so how were they chosen? Where do they come from? What were the criteria for selection? Read on.....

297 hostesses were needed. Plus 40 more volunteers. Age between 18 and 24. Height must be between 1.68 to 1.78 metres. All must be university educated. Physical requirements: All must have a " ruddy and shiny complexion " with a plump but not fat body. Must be able to smile with 8 teeth showing and hold it for 30 minutes. There are also exacting facial requirements like eyes to face 3/10 length and width of nose and mouth ratio to face. They must be able to run 1 km daily to keep fit.
Despite all these stringent criteria more than 5,000 hopefuls applied.

The lucky ones were put through a vigorous glamour boot camp. One report I came across revealed that all applicants had to strip to their birthday suit as trained medical personnel took their detailed measurements.
Did they protest?
Certainly not, none did. All were vying to be among the 297 hostesses required for the Games !
Country comes first to these ladies.
Those selected knew their roles and duties are simple, yet were fully aware that much is really at stake in the glitz and glamour of worldwide TV. One tiny mistake and you may put your country to shame, undoing all the hard work put in.
They have 5 different sets of costumes made for and white porcelain, embroidery and jade.
You would have noticed that at every medal presentation 2 dressed in lovely "Cheongsam" will be at either side of the podium. Another 3 or more dressed in knee-length dresses would hold the platters bearing the medals and bouquets of 9 red roses.

Why 9 ? Nine in Chinese means everlasting!
And "red roses" why? Red in Chinese belief means lucky !

All the hostesses I've seen looked very elegant, immaculate and very precise. Their appearance project GLAMOUR and PROFESSIONALISM.
Perhaps, at the end of the Games, the worldwide audience or the IOC should award the final and last medal of the Games to these hostesses.
And what should the medal colour be? In my humble opinion, I would award them a 10 out of 10 score.
GOLD less!

Photo credits: Beijing Olympics website

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Enlightening! That's what you can do when you have a population of 1 billion....