Thursday, August 7, 2008

QUTANG Gorge and 10 Yuan note

In the late evening, we eventually came upon the shortest but the most majestic of the 3 Gorges....QUTANG Gorge. It runs for about 5 miles from Fengje county to Baidi City. Here in the photo you can see Qutang Pass which is sometimes referred to as "The Kui Gate". Why?
With two high peaks Mt Baiyun [3000 ft +] and Mt Chijia [ 4000 ft+] on both sides of the deep gorge and canyon coupled with very fast moving waters...the whole scene resembles a gate made by heaven and placed here on earth.

It was our trusty guide Shirley who pointed this out to us. She told us to take out a 10 yuan note [ current ] and look closely at the back of the note. We did so. Now...she added excitedly look at the actual scene behind you. We did.
Viola! Adacadbra ! Like Magic ...the backdrop of where we were...the Qutang Pass or Kui Gate appears on the back of the note!

This is the current 10 yuan note. The scene shown on the note is right where we were then passing through.
By the way, 10 yuan is roughly equal to $ 2 Singapore.

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