Monday, August 11, 2008


This morning at about 10.45 am in Beijing at the Olympics Swimming Finals for the 100 metres Butterfly event for women, Singapore Top Swimmer....TAO LI swam against the world's best and achieved 5th placing.
We would all do well to remember her for this history-making moment!
No other Singaporean has ever made it to an Olympic Swimming Final...she is the 1st one ever! Even the great Ang Peng Siong, someone I know, had not been able to accomplish this feat.
I was watching the Finals "Live" from my home and got my digital camera ready to capture these shots. They are not too sharp but did the job of capturing the moments before, during and after the race.

Well, what can I say ? What can we all say?
I say we all stand up and SALUTE to this new heroine of Singapore swimming by the name of TAO LI.
Though she did not appear among the medal winners, she has put SINGAPORE swimming on the World map! She has brought instant recognition and fame to our tiny island ! And she has a Great future ahead of her, being only 18 this year.

Another thing, my friends from Wuhan and China would also be glad to note that TAO LI was born and bred in WUHAN, Hubei Province....before making home in S'pore.
Give her another couple of years and with the very best coaches available to her...she would be standing on the podium of the winners at the next Olympics, for sure!

Tao Li is in Lane 5 in the picture.

The full Results.

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