Monday, August 11, 2008

Those Were The Days....!

This is the title of that very popular song that we all used to sing along with and enjoyed in the "Good Ole days".
It brings back bitter-sweet memories of the life and times of those yesteryears. Gone but never can be forgotten. Such were the times we were all living ,in those simple "kampong" days where life was carefree and daily we talked and chatted with our neighbours and friends and anyone else....face to face.
Not on handphones!
Not through emails!
Not with SMSs !
My good friend Frances has put a superb video-clip capturing the ESSENCE of those nostalgic years when we were kids and life tasted like COCA-COLA ! [ my favourite drink back then ].
You can see the clip at her blogsite listed at my blog links....titled "Walking in the Rain".
The greying photo was taken at Changi Point Beach in 1969.
Me and my younger brother who is in his late fifties today.

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