Friday, August 1, 2008

Wu Gorge

These are some scenes as we cruised along the Wu Gorge.
We have found some new admirers among the Australian group.
They were very grateful that we took the time expand their non-existent understanding of this region and especially introduced them to Chinese History of the 3 Kingdom period.
The mistiness I talked about in my previous post can be clearly seen here
surrounding the peaks.

A grateful admirer!

The other 2 Chinese ladies are from a county near Wuhan. This was also their 1st ever trip to the 3 Gorges region.

D2 and Shirley were most impressed by my detailed recollections of the many aspects of the 3 Kingdom I regaled our assembled group on the sun deck.
Shirley commented that she only knew bits and pieces of the main story and that history was not her strong subject while in school. She added that I was able to comment on many dynasties, kings, incidents, and many details...yet without a book in my hand [ she had 2 booklets with her for reference].
D2 told them I had actually taught history to Secondary students long ago...and that I still retained the passion and love for history.
Ok. True? Absolutely...every word she said!
Behind us is the Denglong Peak [ Peak of Climbing Dragon ].

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