Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The 3rd Age

There is an organisation in Singapore known as the Council for Third Age. It is a voluntary body headed by Mr Gerard Ee as Chairman of the Council. Located at the Tower Block in Bishan Junction 8, it has a very nice and cosy office on the 10th floor and manned by a small but very pleasant staff of ladies.
So, what does this council do?
What do they look after?
Basically, I believe they are looking after the needs of the ageing seniors in our population. In addition, they are promoting an active ageing lifestyle for retirees and other seniors by coming out with a host of events and activities with major corporate sponsors and partnerships.
How am I involved with this C3A ( Council for 3rd Age )?
Well...not directly.

Out of the blue, on Tuesday 9th Sept 2008, I received a phone call from them informing me that I was one of those nominated for the" Active Agers Infocomm Champion Award "

and checking if I could come for an interview on Tuesday 16th Sept at 3.30 pm.
During the conversation, I genuinely sounded surprised and taken aback.
Top: Logo of the Council
Bottom: To my right are 2 staff and to my left are fellow nominees.

I was asked if I knew anything about this earlier. My answer was, " No, I had no knowledge at all...that I was nominated nor even about the awards." I had absolutely no idea what to make of it or who had nominated me. They didn't tell either. I left it at that after confirming my ok to attend the interview as stipulated.
They even told me they have visited my Blogsite and found it very interesting !
Then on Monday 15th Sept, after a family swim at my club with my daughter D4 and hubby DT and Maree ( DT's mom ) , we were having afternoon tea and chit-chatting away.

I told them about the C3A interview scheduled for the next day.
That was when the cat came out of the bag !
D4 was going" whoopie ! Yeah! "
And I was like saying ..."huh, what's all this whooping about? "
D4 , my beloved daughter said she was the one who send in her nomination of me.
She had to write a "mini-essay"about me to support her nomination.
A well-kept secret indeed until the eve of the day and even then it was pure chance it has happened.
Why the term " Third Age"? What's the significance ?
I did not ask them ,unfortunately. But I venture a guess.
The Awards cater to those who are 60 and above.
So, I presume that if you are 60 years or older you have entered your "3rd Age ".
By this same reckoning, the 4th Age should start at 90 and the 5th at 120 years old.
I do hope that someone will remember to nominate me when I enter the 4th Age!
I plan to be around for a long time still...with God's help, as I have lots of unfinished business.

What business?
Let's see...I have tons of actual photographs from since the 60's till today. Many are still wrapped in the original envelopes kept in carton boxes. They cover everything from kampong days, family home, schools, working life, scenes of S'pore, scouting days, hiking,climbing, camping, diving,fishing,
travels, island exploring, expeditions, marriage,birth, life and death, historic moments in our history, childhood friends, school friends and a host of other myraid happenings big and small.
I will need to re-organise all these, many of which have turned yellow through ages, and patiently sort them out and re-label each individually. My guess is there could be about 6 to 8 thousand pictures in my "karang-guni" store.
Just imagine the amount of time to be devoted to just sorting and re-labelling alone!
And if I were to use the resources I have to blog about them regularly, it will likely keep me busy till
I enter the 4th 30 years time!!!
Any volunteers to help me out? Haha.

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