Thursday, September 25, 2008

Face to face with the Legendary Princess of Gunung Ledang

These pages shown here are of small leaves which I collected from my 1974 Mt Ophir climb.
I have kept them, still as they were 34 years ago, in an exercise book. The front cover of the original exercise book of those years is displayed below. The school in Koon Seng Road, off Joo Chiat, does not exist anymore with that past name.
Today, the offshoot is called KCPS....Kuo Chuan Presbyterian School, a merger of the former PBS and KCGS.
In my previous story, I mentioned that I brought back some special leaves ( based on some simple drawings made by the requester Mrs Lee Geow Hai ). She was my colleague then and was suffering from a potential blindness-related ailment. So, she was delighted when she got those special leaves from me. If my memory serves me right...her condition improved a great deal after using the leaves....and also the Ophir water.

I also mentioned that I collected dripping drops of water that came from a rock outcrop near the top. The
special water was at the request of Mr Hassan Selamat, also my colleague then, who had a very chronic back problem. I gave him some of the leaves too.
His condition improved to some degree.

Recently, I did a Google search to check if there are any documented accounts of anyone confirming a face to face encounter with the Legendary Princess of Gunung Ledang ( Mt Ophir ) or even reports, if any, to that effect.
The Result? There is NONE at all.
It does appear that I MAY BE THE ONLY PERSON, AS FAR AS CAN BE CONFIRMED, TO HAVE MET THE PUTERI OF GUNUNG LEDANG FACE TO FACE....and spoken with her back in 1974 February.
My good friend, Ibrahim Othman told me that according to Malay legends, the beautiful Princess was able to transform herself into an older or old woman and manifest herself if she so chooses.
Legends say that she is still residing deep within the confines of G Ledang.
What do I make of all this?
The world is filled with many mysteries still as yet unsolved. But unsolved does not mean untrue.
And as for me, there is NO DOUBT in my mind, NO DEBATE, NO UNCERTAINTY that on that unforgetable day in February 1974....I came face to face with the legendary Puteri in the form of an old lady.
One of the Major reasons why I started this Blog is to document, archive and share my many, many TRUE life experiences with my family, friends, and now everyone.
There are many more unforgetable and astounding TRUE stories I have yet to talk or write about!

More stories will, in time, unfold on this Blogsite.

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