Friday, September 26, 2008

WISE OLD OWL.....1st Birthday !

Haha! It almost slipped my mind. The WISE OLD OWL older and wiser by one year !
I started this blogsite on 21 September last year ( 2007 ) with the main purpose of sharing my quite extensive travel experiences and some of the most incredible but TRUE personal life stories that came my way.
Since then, I have posted a total of 275 posts which is quite phenomenal for a complete newbie like me.
That's not all...I have another Blogsite called THE YIPPEES which is not opened for public viewing yet as it is for the extended family members.
The total posts here is 213 since January 2007. I may open the site to the public one day when the time is ripe.
So has been one exciting journey of discovery for me in Blogoland. For my regular visitors to this blog, I can tell you this...there is much, much more interesting stuff to come.


maree said...

Congratulations Dick - I enjoy your stories very much and look forward to many more

uncle dick said...

Thanks Maree...there are quite a few regular visitors from South as well as North Island. Just carried the wee cutie one today. He's growing cuter by the day!