Saturday, December 20, 2008

Actual weapons...3 Kingdom Period.

These photos which I captured on my camera showed real relics of the different types of weapons excavated during archaelogical digs around that region.
Most came from the 3 Kingdom period.
The top photo:
Bronze swords, some with the handle already lost; but this one with the handle grip still intact. They are double-edge swords use for delivering chops and cuts in fighting and a pointed end for thrusting.

2nd photo:
Different kinds of halbergs. This was a kind of weapon head attached to the end of a long stout pole. It's curved blade can be used effectively to extend and then lop off an enemy's head. It has another pointed pike beneath which can be used to inflict terrible damage to any part of an enemy's upper body and head.
3rd photo:
Spearheads which are mounted onto a strong pole used for thrusting and stabbing.

4th photo:
These were excavated arrow heads from those days. The wood forming part of the flying arrow has long since vanished leaving only these metal arrowheads in the ground.


minitew said...

Is All These Weapons From The Wuhan Museum?
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oh ya
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unk Dicko said...

Hi Mini,
The weapons are found in the Min Liang Palace which I wrote about in my previous post. This place is at Fengjie City, not Wuhan.
If you miss your buddy so much maybe it's time to ask your parents to set up a simple webcam and also your buddy must do the same. It's quite cheap...less than $30 and u can do video chat with your buddy and family and other friends as well.
I have seen your blogs!
Keep up the blogging.