Friday, December 26, 2008

The History about Suspended Coffins.

In my earlier post on the subject of Hanging coffins, I had given some insights, plus actual snapshots of those we saw while cruising the Gorges. You can read it here.

These exhibits describe the background and showcase some of those coffins and skeletons recovered while the 3 Gorges Dam project were undertaken.
Many of those caves and cliffside openings where these Hanging coffins were found, were affected by the development of the the Damming of the Yangtze caused the water level in the river to rise dramatically. Not all were affected. So,those that were had to be saved as seen in this case depicted here.

Why did the ancient people in those ancient culture took such a laborious route to preserve their dead?

It was no easy task to do what they did.

So WHY indeed?

Pictured here are actual relics of that ancient culture that is often called the "people of the Hanging coffins".

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