Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hi all ex-TTC folks who are visitors to this blogsite, I received this email from Rodney Tan a short while ago. He is trying to reach out to as many of us ex-TTC chappies to SHOW OUR SUPPORT to our former TTC colleague S Puhaindran and Mary, his wife who was an ex-TTC YLTC trainee. With his ok, I append kawan Rodney's message with the full details here.
( Dick Yip )

Gentle Reminder - Support for the PUHAINDRANS.

Rodney W.H. TAN to Agnes, Agnes, Anthony, Audrey, Balbir, Chan, Clarence, David, David, DICK, Edward, Gerald, Goh, Harry, Hazel, RHeng, Rama, Siva, Heng, How, Jason, John, KOH, Kunalan, Lam, Lau, Leow, Lock, Maggie, Mary, Arif, Bava, Syon, Tankt, Tants, Tang, Tay, TWANG, Nonis, Yvonne.

Hi Kawan2,

Please join me in the support of the Puhaindrans during this trying times of theirs. As many of you might know S. Puhaindran was the Sports Sec in RI in the 60's and his wife Mary, was one of the trainees in our camps, also in the 60's.Their daughter-in-law, Lo Hwei Yan was an unfortunate victim of the recent carnage in Mumbai.If you are on Wednesday at 4:30 pm please be at the wake on Teresa Ville, 1005 Lower Delta Road. Kindly forward this email to those ex-TTC gang whom I might have left out.I know some of you would be there in other capacities.

God bless.rodney-- Skype: rodneytan

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