Saturday, December 6, 2008

Unk Dicko's Storeroom of Wisdom!

Hi to all regular visitors and readers of this blog! A warm Welcome if you are a passerby !

It has been a year plus since I started this very blogsite in Sept last year. And what an exciting journey and learning experience it has been for me.

In these pages, my aim was and still is the record, archive and share my wide travel experience and adventuring, as well as the many astounding real -life incidents that came my way.
Reflecting on my blogging so far, my estimate is that I have only touch on not more than 10 % of the resources and material that I have accumulated. With one personal blogsite, I can only do so much....I realised.

That's why I started this "Wise Owl" blog in the 1st place after our Family blogsite...the Yippies.
So, here's the latest update on my various blogs and some notes.

1. The Wise Old Owl @

[ My main, personal blogsite on which I blog on almost daily. This will contain both past and current topics of interest.]

2. The Yippies
[ This is a private family blogsite not opened to the public unfortunately. There are
about 20 family members in it...although most of the posts have been by unk Dicko.
This site began in January 2007. The articles, pics and posts within are solidly good ]

3. Serangoon our Kampong @
[ This is a new blogsite which I created for the Grassroot leaders of Serangoon Gardens .
It is meant to be a Team Blogsite for any number of the GRLs. Presently, I am the
Site Administrator. I intend to appoint 2 suitable GRLs to be co-admin with me. ]

4. Unk Dicko's Storeroom of Wisdom @
[ I just created this special blogsite as I wanted very much to share with one and all
lots and lots of interesting stuff...many of which are what I term "GOLDEN GEMS" or
Treat it as if you are going on a Treasure Hunt !
You are bound to find some guaranteed Treasure along the way!
In here, you will find the A to Z of many topics and subjects.

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