Friday, January 9, 2009

50+ Singapore EXPO 2009

One of the biggest event of the new year starts tomorrow, Saturday 10 January 2009, at the Suntec City Convention Centre... Hall 4, Level 4. It is anticipated to draw in a large crowd of at least 70,000 visitors. Wow...that's huge!
I received news about this mega-event end of last year through C3A.

Below is a gist I got from C3A through an email sent to all the 7 Active Ager Award Winners.

"As some of you may have been informed, C3A will be organising the 50+ Singapore Expo 2009 at the Suntec City Convention Centre on 10th January 2009. 50+ Singapore Expo 2009 is the largest fair for seniors. There will be different exhibitors offering products and services designed for seniors so that they could adopt a more active ageing lifestyle. In addition, there will be performances by interest groups, celebrities and other community organisations. In the Expo, we will also hold public forum on various health and wellness topics. To make this Expo a success, we will definitely need your help and support. We are currently designing programmes for all of you, be it a talk or a performance, so that all of you can show the participants how seniors can age actively and meaningfully. "

Unk Dicko has been invited to give a TALK on " How the internet can enhance an active ager's lifestyle". In addition, I have been invited to perform a medley of songs on the Ukulele. There will be 4 separate performances or entertainment segments, 2 per day. For this portion, I have co-invited my close friend and fellow ukelele player Richard( white shirt ) to join me as a duo. I had hoped we could make it a treble but my original ukulele disciple...T Ping ( in red shirt ) could not make it on those days. So,it will be a Ukulele duo.

For those of you who are visitors of this site and my online friends like Peter, Stanley, Thimbuktu, Chun See, Victor, YG, Jackie, and all the aspiring bloggers as well as all others, do visit this EXPO. Besides all the GREAT OFFERS ( we've been told in advance ) and lots of activities, we have the golden opportunity to meet in person for hopefully more than a chat! I
would really hope to meet up with all of you...there.

Details of Unk Dicko's Committments:

Talk on Sunday 11th Jan at 12 noon, at the Living Pavillion, Room B
Making Your Life Easier with the Internet
11 Jan, 12pm
Room B

Dick Yip, winner of the Active Agers – Infocomm Champion Award 2008, shares how he uses the Internet to blog, shop, catch up on news and be entertained… In short, to simplify and enrich his life.

Dick Yip, Active Agers – Infocomm Champion Award 2008 winner

Ukulele Performance:
Sat 10th Jan : 12.30 - 12.45 pm and 1.30 - 1.45 pm
Sun 11th Jan : 2.45 - 3.00 pm and 5.30 - 5.45 pm

For FULL Details of this mega event click the link below.



stanley said...

Hi Unk Dicko,
Thanks. Looking forward to your talks and performance as well.

unk Dicko said...

Great..delighted u will be there!
Do look me up.