Sunday, January 18, 2009

C3A Active Ageing Ambassadors...Expo!

For this 50+ Singapore Expo which was organised by the Council For Third Age ( C3A ) , there were about 150 registered organisations and companies involved. Many Government bodies, Stat boards, the private sector and other organisations were actively engaged in the huge fair.
We, the seven Active Ager Award Winners came directly under the auspices and umbrella of C3A...the Main Organiser. We were each presented with a special personalised magnectic name plate which we pinned to our attire.
All of us had slightly different roles over those 2 days...but all with the same message and objective encourage and motivate seniors and retirees to lead an active ageing lifestyle that is filled with fun, enthusiasm, passion for learning and helping others.

For example, Madam Khrishnavani led her Golden Gals in an Indian Dance workshop. Mr Daniel Koh gave a Talk on his travels to places off the Beaten Track. Mona Yeo conducted sessions on the art of good story telling. Mr Tang Wing Kee demonstrated his prowess on rollerblades. Mr Goh Seok Hiong led his Chinese Music Ensemble to perform traditional Chinese music. Mr Chua Chye Hong, an avid gardening enthusiast, gave a Talk on " Overcoming Barriers to Learning". As for Unk Dicko...I led the special Ukulele

Performace at the Living Pavillion on both days.

Before the actual Expo, I had given some thought to whether I should give a Performance on Ukulele or excite the crowd by engaging them and get them to sing along with me and the others.
It did not take me long to decide that the better option is for a Sing Along. Solo Performance can only be done in a place devoid of other distractions and noise. That will be for another place, another time.
By all accounts, the Ukulele Sessions we performed were immensely popular and hugely successful on both days., over the 4 separate performances.
Unk Dicko has performed for over 4 decades and I must say the terrific and spontaneous response from the crowd, at our pavillion ,was overwhelming. One of the best I'd experienced. It was indeed a revealation and a nice surprise! We had to battle the very loud noises that came from everywhere. But in the end and no doubt about was the sweet sounds coming from our UKULELES coupled with our singing style, that drew the crowd.
The other attraction was we were singing songs familiar to the oldies! Some of these songs they have not heard or sung in ages!
My other role was to give a TALK under Innovation and Learning.

That talk was on the 2nd day ( separate post about this ).

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