Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Celebrity Ukulele Performance.

Gurmit watching closely as I showed him how to "slide" from C major chord to the C7 chord...using a sort of bridging motion that produces exqusite sounds when done properly.

The crowd had gathered because our celebrity Gurmit was right there with us. This must be a first of many kinds.
As far as I can recall...and that goes back a mighty long time, no local celebrity has ever appeared in a public performance...playing the Ukulele.
This was the 1st time it has happened.
And Gurmit...you have the distinction of doing that. And only after a few minutes of personal coaching from Unk Dicko. Great job!

This is the Line Dance area which was adjacent to our performing Pavillion. It had a large regular group of cowboys and cowgirls...mostly mamas and papas who were really enjoying themselves...doing those fabulous heel and toe steps.
Quite a number "migrated" over to our pavillion as like some told us," we cannot tahan...must come and join in the fun and the songs we all like!"
So what were the songs they "all like"? will do a special post just about the songs we did for the two

days. But they were truly a great bunch of people.
Well what do you expect..if you love country and western music you have to be great..just like Unk Dicko. Haha.


technology said...
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unk Dicko said...

I removed this "so called" comment as it was not a comment at all. It was an unsolicited online advert that links to the poster's website.
There are several others of similar "COMMENT DELETED" instances in my blog.
Just wanted all visitors to know your Comments are always WELCOME and will not be edited...if no offensive language is used.
Unk Dicko

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