Tuesday, January 20, 2009

End of Day 1 Ukulele Performance

During our performance, I did notice some friends and familiar faces of mine among the crowd. But being thus engaged could not stop and say " Hi or Hello " to them.
If you are one of those I just described, do forgive me if I did not stop in the midst of performing to say "hi" to you.
In fact, I want to thank you for being there.

Towards the end of our stint, fellow Award Winner Tang Wing Kee dropped in on rollerblades to sing with us.

If any reader here is interested in learning how to rollerblade, my friend Wing Kee can teach you. He is certified...to teach and does so at the ECP.

At the end of our Performance on the 1st Day, we received all kinds of positive feedback from different people.
Many asked if we will be there again the next day.

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