Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Guiyuan Si Temple...part 2

While the monks, nuns and large following of devotees went to perform their rituals inside the various halls, we found some moving room and time to study the architecture and view the various sights at the grounds.
It was a huge place to roam.
The weather was surprisingly fine for photography. It had been raining previously.

When we entered the main hall where the 500 luohans were located, we were told an interesting thing. Men should turn towards the left while women to the right...then count each luohan as you move along until it reaches your own age. So, if you are 55 years old, you should stop at that luohan being counted as 55. Then look at the luohan carefully. It has a name and more importantly an identifying number. Once you are outside, you can go to the counter and buy the corresponding "luohan card" that tells your fortune. Brilliant isn't it! And it cost only 3 yuan.
Well not one to defy a belief and resist age-old customs of consecrated temples, especially one as famous as this, unk Dicko followed the instruction to
the letter and came face to face with "my very own
fortune-telling luohan". He looks like a most venerated and enlightened disciple of the Buddha. No doubt about that!
Afraid that I might forget his "NRIC" number, I jotted it down.
Later, I collected my fortune card which looked like a small MRT card but with words printed in Gold letters. There were English words! So I understood what was written. D2 also collected hers. I read mine. She read hers. Pretty accurate about present, but what of the future?
So, what did the luohan say about my fortune?
Who wants to know?

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