Thursday, January 22, 2009

IT and's easy, says Unk Dicko!

At my Talk at the 50+ Singapore Expo, Suntec City Convention Centre on Sunday 11 January, I had internet access. With the help of the assistants from the Talk organisers, I was able to speak and convey my points across while facing the audience. This is far, far better than when I stood by the laptop and had to move the mouse over the browser and with the other hand holding onto the speak. I started by doing that a minute or two into my talk.

Then I realised I could actually ask one of the few assistants to play a useful part. They were all conversant with IT and were merely watching my presentation.

So, one of the guys controlled the mouse and I gave the instructions to locate this or that.

This photo showed me using INFOCOMM 123 portal as an example of where to go to for help on

IT matters, queries or questions.
I shared some of my personal discoveries of the internet and some truly superb websites which has enhanced my life and lifestyle as well.

Unk Dicko observed that many took pen and notebook and noted one particular website details when I opened the site for their viewing, listening and enjoyable experience. None of them has ever seen that site before! was a new discovery for them!

As I said, it was not a talk about blogging but about useful, practical tips and discoveries found on the internet, much of which I have blogged about...especially in the month of October 2008.

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