Friday, January 30, 2009

Our 2nd Day Ukulele Performance, 50+ Expo

Our Ukulele performance and Singalong on the 2nd Day of the 50+ Expo started at 2.30 pm at the same venue and location as the day before...the Living Pavillion.

Knowing how well we had gone down with the crowd the previous day, with the songs and music we provided...made it even more exciting this time round.

The emcee announcing us to the gathering crowd while we got ready.


One section of the crowd waiting patiently for the swinging to begin.
Some members of the Elvis Fan Club were already there before us.

A professional reporter cum videographer were among the those that I saw that day. She captured much of the action at our performance.
But till today, I have no clear idea what organisation she was from. I heard someone saying she was from the media or press.

Some kids were also present.


I spoke to the crowd just before we began telling them we will be playing a selection and mixture of local songs, oldies, contemporary, folk, calypso, country and popular requests.


I encourage them to re-live their early years by singing along with us if they know the lyrics of the song, or clap along, or hum along or just groove along.

They did more than you shall soon see in more updated pics and posts!

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