Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unk Dicko teach Gurmit Singh Ukulele!

The Biggest Consumer Fair for the 50+ S'pore EXPO kicked off in grand style at the Suntec Convention Centre yesterday. It was opened by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development.

Photo: Unk Dicko, Gurmit, D2
[Gurmit...u think I play play one ah? Wait what Unk D say about me below. Not bluffin , real one! ]

When I arrived with D2, we were faced with a big problem...where to locate my "Performing" pavillion. The whole interior was jam packed with people, booths, displays, sounds and noise as was really huge!
I received a call from Richard my fellow ukulelist...asking where to meet me. He was in the basement carpark. I saw a big BUS near us and that was our rendezvous point. Soon, I made contact with Justin Ho, the young man from PICO who led us to
the pavillion at the "Living "sector.

While setting up our performing gear, I noticed a most familiar face in Singapore watching us intently. Who?

Mr Phua Chu Kang, no I mean GURMIT SINGH, our well known local Celebrity comedienne.

I was tuning my Ukulele just then. Unk Dicko asked him, " Hi Gurmit, great to see you here! You play the Ukulele?"
Gurmit: " No, but I do play the guitar. Are the chords the same as guitar? "

Me: " No...but it's not difficult to pick up." With that, I put my Ukulele into Gurmit's hand and gave him an instant on the spot Ukulele lesson...showing him a few of the basic chords on my other Ukulele...the Kamaka.
He really surprised me, paying close attention to the fingering I showed him.
And we strummed along.
The emcee announced to the by now large crowd, "and now ladies and gentlemen we have for you a very special Ukulele performance by Mr Dick Yip, Richard Chee and Ronald ( from Scout Hq ) who asked to join us as a trio."
At the mic, I said, " and one more....Gurmit Singh too! "
The crowd cheered and clapped loudly.
Cameras and camcorders came flashing around.

I led this quartet as we played a selection of our local favourites...Gelang Si -Paku Gelang,

Di Tanjong Katong, Chan Mali Chan etc..

The crowd was really clapping away and enjoying every bit of the beautiful music that came from 4 combined Ukuleles. We had a portable amplifier to jazz things up.

Gurmit was able to follow on the Ukulele and sing along! Amazing!

HATS off to you GURMIT !
More stories, updates and photos of Gurmit come.

Today, Sunday 11 June, Unk Dicko and friends will be at the same place to entertain with another super selection of 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

Don't miss it!


Lam Chun See said...

Unk Dicko. You really are quite an entertainer yourself. Maybe you shd sign up with MediaCorp.

Lam Chun See said...

BTW, I think we have fulfilled our obligations to Infocomm123 already. Time to remove that silly head-jiggling thingy from your side-bar.

stanley said...

Chun See,
I think it is OK to keep that head-jiggling thingy for the time being unless you find it unpalatable.

unk Dicko said...

Mediacorps..? I might appoint you as my agent first C See,ok?

The "thingy" does not bother me at all.So probably leave it there until it disappears.

maree said...

Great Stuff Dick - Maybe one day you'll go "on the road" doing World Tour & stop off in NZ!

minitew said...

Hi uncle dick!
Long time no comment on your blog
Thnx for visiting mine :D
Are you going to teach us ukulele this year?

minitew said...

BTW u also very lucky can meet Gurmit Singh :O

unk Dicko said...

Hi Maree!
What a great idea..going on the road huh! Something I've always wanted to do but could not due to work then. Perhaps,when all the lil' ones are a little older and won't miss Grandpa Ukelele that much..that may be the time!

unk Dicko said...

Hi Mini,
About coming back to your school to teach Ukulele...I think it is still being worked out.

Gurmit also lucky to meet Unk Dicko? Right? Now he can play Ukulele!!!