Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yichang to Wuhan

We waited for the mini-bus at a park nearby this beautiful Bridge over the Yangtze River. When the bus arrived at 9.30 am, the 3 of us boarded and found empty seats at the rear with much leg space.
The return journey to Wuhan took more than 4 hours. When the bus came to our destination my watch showed 1.50 pm. By then, ever-dependable Shirley had contacted our dear friend Mr Fu, the HOD of the Primary School mentioned in all my earlier posts ( July 2008 ). He was waiting for us across the road.
We loaded our bags into his car and he suggested straight away that we go for lunch.

Photo: A factory that produces China made cars in Hubei.
Captured from within the mini-bus on our way to Wuhan.

Same factory as seen from a different angle.

Mr Fu had made arrangements at this restaurant for lunch that day.
We were all very happy to meet up again
after our 3 Gorges Adventure.
In this photo:
Shirley our guide was telling the story of our cruise adventure to Mr Fu and Ms Julie the English teacher of the school. Both of them have by now visited Singapore on the Exchange Programme.
When Mr Fu asked if Shirley had done a good job as a guide, D2 and I praised her highly for all that she had done.

I mentioned that she displayed lots of initiative, care and concern.

Shirley blushed ! She is English-speaking too besides Mandarin, when Julie translated what we said to Mr Fu.
Then Shirley gave her views about me !
She mentioned that she has taken lots of foreigners on tours and cruises...and she has not come across anyone except Unk Dicko who knows more History about the 3 Kingdoms, Dynasties, Battles, personalities, tid-bits, major-bits etc...than she herself ( a trained and qualified guide ).
Mr Fu concurred with her!
In my many conversations with him, he found out that I could fill in many details of the local history of the 3 Kingdom period, as well as pre and post kingdom!
D2 let out that I was formerly teaching History!

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