Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Youtube,Ukulele Entertainment...Burong Kaka at 50+ EXPO

This Youtube video clip was uploaded recently by a friend's son. The sound quality of the recording is expected as he was standing quite a distance away.

Unk Dicko and his 2 other fellow ukelelists Rchard C and Ronald L were entertaining the crowd

at the 50+ Suntec City Expo on Sunday 11 January 2009.

On that day, we performed for more than 3 hours ! Unbelievable! So responsive was the crowd and so numerous were the requests that we tried our best to make everyone happy.

That singalong was truly memorable, both for the visitors and for us.

More photos of the 2nd Day's performance coming out shortly...it was really groovy and swinging all the way.

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