Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Youtube,Ukulele Entertainment...OH CAROL, at 50+ EXPO

This is the 2nd videoclip that was uploaded on Youtube by a friend's son.It is less than 3 minutes in duration.

It captured the mood and the response of the crowd during our Ukulele Performance and Singalong at the 50+ Singapore Expo at the Suntec City on Sunday, 11 January 2009. The song we were playing here was ," OH CAROL! "....the result of one of the numerous requests by the crowd. Before this song, we had already done other requests...DIANA, SUSIE Darling, CINDY oh CINDY, MARRIANE etc... all songs from the late 50's and 60's.So when I got that request for "OH CAROL" by a lady, I went to the Mic and ad-libbed.

Unk Dicko:" Anyone name Carol here?"

Someone pointing to her friend: " Yes...this one here!" ( who responded,"You don't anyhow say ah !" pointing in jest to her friend ).

Then I did something that was so spontaneous ( absolutely unplanned for ), at the spur of the moment thing, that afterwards, many who were present told me they were literally surprised and mesmerised by it all ! That included a few P R people and D2 herself.

What did I do that raised the crowd's cresendo and got them screaming in support?

There were quite a few people filming the scene at that moment. However, I have no idea who they were. If they should share the clip on Youtube then you will be able to get the whole picture of what transpired. Describing what I did cannot capture the actual essence of that most memorable moment when the crowd went yelling and screaming in complete agreement and response to my questions and adlibs. Just believe me when I say the crowd went ..."Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!" shall remain Unk Dicko's trade secret....for now or until someone upload the video of that segment.

Let's wait and see.


B.Karen Goh MM said...

Hi Unk Dick, The Sunday Times Lifestyle just ran an article about Ukelele but there was no info on where to sign up for these courses. Where can I learn to play the ukelele? I live at bt batok at the west, was hoping there is nearby CC or centre that conduct lessons. Seems like a handy instrument to bring around instead of a guitar.

unk Dicko said...

Hi Karen,
What a nice picture u have here! I love little kids especially when they learn to sing along songs I do with them.
Yes, apparently the Scout Association down in Bishan may have some ukulele teaching there. So u might want to get in touch with them.
However, for you and others like yourself who have approached me directly...let me assure I would dearly love to teach the ukulele and songs to u all.
The main problem is venue and location...and a suitable common time for all.
My niece who is a ukulele disciple of mine has asked me to teach some friends in the Bt Merah area. She's working out the details and when ready I can inform u about it.
The other alternative...I am always ready to teach anyone at my home...which has all the resources needed for such sessions.

B.Karen Goh MM said...

Yeah, if you have info, do tell me. Bukit Merah is still a little far, may not be able to make it if timing is not right. Where is your home? I believe at the East?

unk Dicko said...

I live in Sg Gardens.
Be patient..there's time for people like you. Will definitely update you when things are more confirmed.