Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Enhancing very old photos

A few days ago, I decided to spend some time on the Picassa 3 programme that I had downloaded since last year in my computer system. When I do my blogs, I normally go to my photo files or albums, locate and select the relevant ones, edit, enlarge, crop ..before I upload to Blogger. I do all this on Microsfoft Picture editor which is generally ok.
However, Picassa 3 comes with more options and applications for picture enhancement especially for old, scratchy pictures. I tried out various options ...actually it is much like experimenting again. I realise now a lot depends on having a good eye for tone, contrast and perhaps even a touch of creativity!

Posted by Picasa In this taken from my Tahan blogs, the original pictures are obvious. Blurred, yellowed to the point of being crispy brown, they are representative of many of my old photos.
And the same pictures after I editted with Picassa Picture enahncement look far superior.
Clearer, sharper features and more balanced and natural in tone and colour.
And all this after just an initial attempt at this new programme.
The wonders of technology!

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