Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eric Cantona...Manchester United Legend

One football player I can never forget is Eric Cantona of Manchester United. To hordes of Manchester Utd die-hard fans around the world who are old enough to have seen him in action..he is the top Legend of the club. And mind you, Man Utd have had some of the most illustrious names of the best players in football. Yet, one man stands out. For everything he stood for, for his sublime skills and coolness, his leadership, his courage and for just being himself..there is none but Eric Cantona. I just came across a report from the net that will interest admirers of Cantona. Here is the report.


Manchester United legend Eric Cantona has reiterated his desire to manage the Red Devils in the future.
The former Leeds striker inspired United to win their first league title in 26 years in 1993, beginning a decade of Premier League dominance at Old Trafford.
And, more than 10 years since he shocked United supporters with his decision to quit the game, he confirmed he now wants to return to the club as manager.
It is not the first time Cantona has stated his intention to coach United and he told French TV station Canal+: "I don't know if I am right, but as a coach I have convictions.
"I would like to coach Manchester United. I claim I have to work with great players. Have a look at (Diego) Maradona.
"As a club coach he got two wins in 25 matches. As Argentina coach, there is a big difference and the results have changed."

Below is a link to a VIDEO showing the Top 10 Goals of Eric Cantona's playing career.

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