Wednesday, February 25, 2009

European Soccer..England 3 Italy 0 ?

It is now 12.45 am Singapore time. In a little over 3 hours an unusual encounter is taking place in European soccer. By the luck of the draw and by their own superb qualifications, 3 top English teams from the EPL will be meeting their rivals who happen to be the 3 top Italian teams from the Serie A.

The 3 match ups are:-
Manchester Utd vs Inter Milan
Arsenal vs Roma
Chelsea vs Juventus
Arsene Wenger, the Manager of Arsenal has predicted that all 3 English sides will beat their Italian counterparts. History is on the side of the English clubs....mostly.
But, as they say the ball is round and anything can happen. Let's wait and see. I shall be catching the games Live.
Photo: Arsene Wenger, Ronaldo, Lampard, Van Persie

The team from Man United training at the San Siro in Italy yesterday.

Manchester Utd has met Inter Milan in the 1999 season.
Results: Man Utd won 1 and drew 1.
Here is the photo from 1999 when Paul Scholes scored the equaliser with just 2 minutes remaining on the leave Inter shell-shocked, knocking them out in that quarter-final 2nd leg match in Italy.
United won the 1st home leg.
In that terrific year, they went on to beat Juventus in the Semi-final and captured the European Cup for the 1st time after beating Bayer Munich in that unforgetable grand the dying moments of the game. That game will be forever remembered by me and others as probably Man Utd's finest hour.

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