Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Cha Cha Cha Time!

The eager visitors wasted little time before getting into action.
As soon as we started with some of our local favourites....Gelang Si-Paku Gelang, Chan mali Chan, Dayung Sampan, Di Tanjong Katong, they moved onto the floor of the pavillion to "joget".
Then someone called out, " How about Cha-Cha? We love Cha-Cha!"
I went to the Mic and said, "You like Cha-Cha, so let's Cha-Cha !"
Turning to Richard C and Ronald L, I whispered to them to just follow even if they do not know the lyrics to the songs I was playing....starting with "Isle of Capri ". I always have a number or medley of songs ready in "my head" whenever folks request

for a certain type of music. It could be waltz, bossa-nova, rock, calypso, keroncong, country or whatever. It would not be smooth to play a piece and when it ends then start looking for another song from the file or book.
As I've said before that will break the momentum that is on-going.
So most performing groups would have prepared some of their own selections and rehearsed them well.

The advantage I think we had was my repertoire for song types is actually quite wide...and so could do almost any type of songs asked for.

These ladies and some men as well surely can dance and groove!

Many could not "tahan" and rush to the Mic to join in the singing of their old time favourites.
We were happy to let that happen!
But not many performers would allow such a thing, as quite often, some eager beavers may actually "kill the song" for you unintentionally.

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