Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Keroncong time with Suhaimi Yusof !

Towards the later part of our 2nd Day's performance...celebrity actor and comedienne Suhaimi Yusof dropped over at our pavilion again. He had sung with us the day before and must have enjoyed himself so much he could not resist the sweet music coming from our performing area.
I was happy to welcome him back again!
With him around I decided to go "keroncong" with a medley of popular keroncong-style hits.

We had so much fun and laughter doing the well-known Rasa Sayang with him contributing a pantun here and there.

Here you see him truly singing away the blues!

He was a real funny chap, a real joker if I may say so. A terrific livewire for any party or to spice up things.

Suhaimi was truly a crowd favourite much like Gurmit Singh. And it was a privilege to have played for these two top stars.

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