Monday, February 23, 2009

La Bamba !

During the 2nd Day Performance at the 50+ Expo, Suntec City, we had different people from the crowd who came forward enthusiastically to sing with us.
Some requested for songs that are easy to play and to sing as well. But others were obviously a little more sophisticated.
Like this gentleman here..he was singing and grooving so much that he eventually came up to me and asked if we could play " La Bamba".
I told him, " No problem. You sing and we'll play for you. "
He was very particular about the starting key and once I worked that out ...he was a revealation. He got the crowd really worked up with his oomphs and gyrations. They asked for more and so we launched into a few latin numbers. We ended with "Speedy Gonzalez"...and "Moose" ( that may be his nickname) was terrific!

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