Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Manchester Utd vs Inter Milan...Stalemate!

So Arsene Wenger's prediction has not come true. He predicted that all 3 English teams would be victorious against their Italian counterparts.
Early this morning( S'pore time ), Man Utd drew 0-0 with host Inter Milan while Arsenal beat visitors Roma 1-0. Later tonight, Chelsea will host Juventus.
Before the Man Utd game, star striker for Inter Zlatan Ibrahimovic declared that he was anytime a better player than Berbatov and Wayne Rooney combined. Luckily he did not compare himself with C Ronaldo...the World Player of the Year.
If it was up to me to decide who the top player of each side was after the would have to be Ronaldo for Man Utd and Julio Cesar the goalkeeper for Inter Milan.
Both were in top form. Without a doubt, it was J Cesar who saved the day for Inter and prevented a massacre. Man U was in terrific form even though no goals were scored.
And Ibrahimmovic? I think it was his cousin who turned up...a pale shadow, only one shot at goal which went the way of the crowd in all 93 minutes!
And Adriano..the once deadly Brazillian hitman?
He had his gun but his bullets were rusty and crooked.
So what will happen in the return leg in 2 week's time at Old Trafford?
Anything can happen. If Inter can score a goal then Man U will need to score 2 to go through.
If it ends in a 1-1 draw then Man U will be out on the away goals rule.

Photos from the D Mail.
Top: Ryan Giggs shoots but his shot
was saved by keeper Cesar.
Centre and Bottom:
Adriano found Rio Ferdinand a real stumbling block in the heart of United defence.


victorian1978 said...

Evening Sir
You mean, you stayed up to watch the match?!? SALUTE!!!
I tried not to, but my Son in Law, is a Die-Hard Man U Fan, whereas my Son (who's in NYP) is a Die-Hard Arsenal Fan, so to avoid any dispute, i have to stay up and gave them an equal share of halves of the TV!!! lol...
Anyway, my Sec 3 son is a Chelsea Fan and my youngest, PSLE, this year is a Man U Fan...
To think that as recent as 5 years ago... i totally got no 'kaki', to watch soccer together!!!
How time flies and changed!!!
i do hope that, i do get to meet your acquaintance, one of these days, Sir...
Anyway, if ever you feel like dropping me an sms or giving me a call, please do so.
My mobile is 9106 4555...
all the best Sir!
Stay blessed and blissed!

unk Dicko said...

Hi Zan,
Yes, nothing like watching a game Live.It's always good to be a fan or supporter of a team,whatever that team may be.It provides one with a sense of belonging and togetherness and that can be a very good balm and antidote for stress and hopelessness.
So, you have 2 M Utd,1 Chelsea and 1 Arsenal...all good teams.
Since the 60's till now, I have been a "fan" of only 3 clubs starting with Liverpool, then Spurs and finally Man Utd.
In's only S'pore for me. And finally Brazil for the w-cup.
Yes, I'll get in touch with u one of these days for a kopi and a chat!