Thursday, February 12, 2009

SILVER BLOG Contest...the Winner!

The results for the SILVER BLOG CONTEST is out. The Blogging contest was organised under INFOCOMM 123 portal to encourage seniors who are relatively new to IT and blogging to try their hand at this activity.

Started in November 2008 and ended in December the same year.

You can read all the entries by clicking at the Infocomm 123 widget and check them out under the Silver Blog Section.

Recently, unk Dicko was given the honour of presenting the prizes to the eventual winner Mr Ong Kok Wah, who won for himself a big screen TV set. His 25 year old son, Mr Ong Guan Hong who nominated him, received a valuable IT prize too.

Photo: Chase Ng, Marketing Manager of Atomz..,
announcing the results officially and interviewing the winner.


The Ong family being warmly congratulated by me.

Presenting the Big prize to the SILVER BLOG winner...Mr Ong Kok Wah.

The Prize and the winner!

Mr Ong Guan Hong holding his prize while Mr and Mrs Ong looks on.

Before the presentation ceremony, I had time to chat with the family. Ong Kok Wah, 69 has had a stroke which still slightly affects his hand movements. He speaks mostly Mandarin and his blogposts were translated into English by his loving son. His wife told me she too has started blogging...and son Guan Hong has his own blog too.
How nice! This is a blogging family.
My warmest Congratulations to the Ong family!

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Anonymous said...

Cool! Worthy contest for the elderly! Great Prizes by the way. Haha!