Monday, March 30, 2009

Adding Life To Years!

Two copies of the book 'Adding Life To Years!' were sent to my home on Saturday. When I opened up the envelope...what a huge surprise I got! I was staring at myself and my cute little grandson on the cover of the book.
This is the Front cover of the Guidebook.

A bigger surprise was on the inside page, with a covering letter from Minister Lim Boon Heng.
Mr Lim is the Chairman of the Ministerial Committee on Ageing and is also a Minister in the Prime Minister's Office.

In his letter to me, he said..." I have signed and dedicated a copy of the book to you...for your personal collection."
He thanked unk Dicko for my invaluable contribution.


The inside page autographed by Minister Lim Boon Heng.

The covering letter to me
The Guidebook will be available from today at all Community Centres/Clubs and Libraries. You can get your free copies from these places or you could also download the copy online from the MCYS website.
The link to that website is in my previous post highlighted in blue.
The book is well-prepared, with lots of updates on our government's initiatives, inspiring stories and useful tips for all seniors and active agers.
[ Unk Dicko's story is on page 37 ]
The book is printed in English. Copies in the other languages may be out later.


maree said...

Wow Dick - your grandsons must be very proud of you. What a great role model they have in their Grandad!

unk Dicko said...

'Role model'...that's a very powerful word that can cut both ways, Maree. I think most grandparents would want to help in the proper upbringing of the little ones...if given the TRUST to do so.
That's a big order among today's younger and more educated parents, many of whom have their "own" theories on parenting.
However, D2 and I are Blessed that we have the full TRUST, FAITH and CONFIDENCE of our daughters and S-I-Ls that we will be more than upto the challenge. And that includes you too! Haha.