Sunday, March 8, 2009

At Kg Kembangan...a Surprise !

This is the 3rd time I have appeared as guest ukulele and guitar musician for the Kembangan Singers at their usual Friday Singalong session. Other than Grand senior Tan Thoo Yang and myself, all the others are "Roses"!
Which obviously begs the question," whatever happened to all the senior menfolk?" I have not the faintest idea why there are no other "thorns" around. Could it be they consider it too much of a get up, dress up and make their way to the CC for a Singalong? Or what?
In any case, the number has increased to 14 or 15 on Friday. Among those who turned up were 2 unexpected but most pleasant surprise for me...2 longtime close friends of D2 and myself..... Janet and B Hon! Both retired nurses who are family friends for more than 30 odd years.

We first met when we were members of COMEX Singapore Adventure Club in the 70's...and travelled together on many trips.
Over the years, together with a few others, we have remained a special close-knit group. So it was indeed a re-union of sorts for the 3 of us.
Seated... B Hon and Janet are 2nd and third from the right. It was Irene, seated next to Janet, who told them about " a new musician named Mr Yip who can play the ukulele and guitar ..has come to entertain us."

Their curiosity were aroused as they both knew my background from those early days. They thought it might be me! And so it was! It is always wonderful to meet up with friends whom we've not seen for some time. D2 was as excited as I was when I told her later.

In the 2nd half of the session, I taught them a couple of "new" songs ( songs no one were familiar with ).
One was "Ah Chong Sok " which I had played and sung over radio and another was " Negro Spiritual".
I ended with " 2nd Storey Window".. another humourous one which drew much laughter!


PChew said...

I am not surprised at the lack of male participants in this group. In many organisations for the elderly such as Senior Citizens Club, YAH(Yonung At Heart), Good Life South East and others, I observed that male participation are less than 10%. Even at the IT Hub where I am volunteer. My class has only 2 men out of a class of 20. It's a Singapore phenomenon.

unk Dicko said...

Fully agree. It seems to be, as you say" a typical Singaporean phenomenon"! But why is it so?
I still have no clue about this curious trend.
Perhaps, if the missing menfolk themselves could speak up, that would throw some light on this strange observation.
I wonder if there is any sociologist out there who might have have a better insight into this.

Ferunk said...

Wah Auntie Janet and Auntie Bee Hon!!! Haven't seen them in such a long time! Maybe I should pop by with Jordy for a visit! Then Jordy can pay his respects to the lovely aunties. Take him for a drive there. What time and day do you normally meet and are err, non third-agers allowed in? Hee Hee...

unk Dicko said...

They meet regularly on Fridays between 1 to 3 pm in an a/con room as shown in pictures.
When you were a babe in arms and a toddler, they often carried you and Y2 too. I still have photos of them with both of you. would be fun to pop in one day with Jordy. Hopefully, the singing won't stop!