Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Championship CAT Show...part 3

Those fortunate people who turned up at The SERANGOON for the Cat Show were a satisfied lot. There were activities a-plenty to keep everyone interested and involved. From what I had seen the event was a huge success and credit must be given to the group of hardworking organisers and volunteers who did a marvellous job.

Sharing some light moments with the key people....The Show Manager and Mr Chua.

This lady is one of the very Top and highest qualified of cat judges in the world. She hails from Australia.
Cheryl Uren started her judging career in 1965!
Today, she is one of the most sought after judge for international Cat competitions.
She told me that, " Singapore is just like my home. I have been here 5 times already! "

Unk Dicko had promised her that I will be blogging about the show and she was obviously delighted.
I asked her what she thought about the standard of the organisation and the quality of participants.
She had nothing but high praise as response...telling me that unlike when she first came, the present owners of the participating cats know how to project their cats, how to walk, how to best show the qualities desired.
Standards and knowhow of the organisers have improved tremendously. Great! I thank her

for contributing to our cause.
Ms Kayoko Koizumi is a top cat judge from Japan. Back home in Yokohama, she is also a known top breeder of Persians. And she has bred 51 Grand Champions!
She can speak a little unk Dicko said, " I have been to Yokohama and I love that place!" She was very pleased to hear that.
" You come again?", she asked.
" Yes, but I'll be going back to Hokkaido June this year. I have many friends there."

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