Monday, March 23, 2009

Dr Pesi B orthopaedic Surgeon

At 3.30 pm on Saturday 21 Mar 09, a heavy thunderstorm hit many parts of our island causing problems such as the story shown on the front page of Sunday Times 22 Mar 09. This is the home of Dr P B Chacha at Kheam Hock Road. The good doctor can be seen in the picture pointing to the damage caused by the fury of that storm.

At that same time, unk Dicko was driving in my 3 week old Toyota WISH heading for Holland V via Farrer Road when we caught in a long jam there. Traffic was moving at snail's pace because the mid section of that stretch was the lowest point in gradient and it was FLOODED ! Water level was about 1 foot with more waters swirling from the higher grounds and drains around. One unfortunate vehicle was caught "dead" in the fast lane and some workers were helping to push it away. With my grand sons inside and wifey and all I made a safe dash across the flooded stretch.
Prof Dr Chacha was not so fortunate...his bungalow suffering some damage.
I knew him 31 years ago when he was Head of the Research Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery of NUS. It was he who diagnosed my chondromalacia patella syndrome and recommended surgery as a way out after labouring for 3 years with traditional Chinese Sinseh treatments which was unfruitful. I made the decision to go ahead with the major surgery after meeting his full team of consulting senior surgeons which included Dr Ong Leong Boon ( an ex-MP ) and a few other well-known surgeons. But the main thing was I had full trust and faith in this good Prof. Under his care for several months, I found him a very nice person, gentle and careful in his assessment. He was also frank and projected optimism. All that won me over and subsequently I was his very 1st Surgical Knee Lift patient that was performed in Singapore. It was videotaped with my permission.
The operation was a complete success and I went on to do many more things that was not possible for anyone with such a problem.
All thanks to this good doctor!

I have an earlier post about him here.

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