Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eagle Pack Championship CAT Show

On Sunday 22 March 2009 I dropped in at The SERANGOON to see for myself what a Championship Cat Show is all about. I have been to Dog Shows before but this was the 1st time unk Dicko visited such a show. Bringing along my Digital camera, I was first met by Mr Chua Kah Soon, a key organiser. He happens to be the Boss of Goodwill Birds Trading...a leading pet shop business that specialises in birds.
Mr Chua was kind enough to introduce me to the many key people involved in the event and went out of the way to get me to meet the owners of the various participating cats.
There were so many types and variety of cats around that I never knew existed. It was a real eye-opener for me. And those that I saw must certainly be some of the best if not the very Best of cats in Singapore.
They come from all corners of our globe...from the cold of Siberia to Canada, the USA, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, China and Japan.
And yes, our own world famous brand of cats called the Singapura ...were among the displays.
Walking around and chatting with these cat lovers gave me a good insight into the world of these felines.
The love, passion and devotion demonstrated by their proud owners are clearly in evidence.
I was visibly impressed. With their permission, I captured snapshots of their objects of love...which I shall share here.
For those of you who are truly cat lovers, you can visit my other blogsite
" Serangoon Our Kampong" and from there click on the "Serangoon Multiply Com" link on the left column. There are 300 photos, many super-duper ones, in there.
You are looking at the Grand Champion cat! Best of the Best! With me in the pic is Ms Koyoko Koizumi ( International Judge from Japan) and the owner.

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