Friday, March 20, 2009

Here, There and Everywhere !

In the late evening yesterday, I received an SMS from "Owlet" my former student and a self-professed disciple of unk Dicko's philosophy and thinking. He said he saw me on a bill board at Chinatown, Kreta Ayer Road area....and he was impressed and like what he had seen. Me? I had absolutely no idea what he saw as I was preoccupied the whole day. A while later, more SMS from my daughters D3 and D4 that my super"big" picture was at bus stops in the Holland Village area. A good friend Dean, had even captured and tagged it onto his Facebook homepage. More SMS followed, telling me the same thing....unk Dicko you are here and you are there,along Adam Road, Lornie Road etc. I was wondering what they were all so excited about as I was still in the dark. During the night, I sat in at 2 powerpoint presentations about the new government initiative called the "SCP or Seniors Connect Programme" for seniors age 50 and above in the community. Unk Dicko is the newly appointed Adviser to this Committee for Sg Gardens.
When I got home close to 11 pm, wifey D2 blurted out," Have you heard ? You have been seen in Holland V and elsewhere."
Me..." Yes, heard but have no idea what it is."

So, she suggested to go for a leisurely night drive as she too was piqued by curiosity.
The pictures show what we saw.
This was the result of the photoshoot I had at the top of our National Library recently[ see my recent posts ]. The poster is part of the advance publicity for the coming Active Ageing Festival 2009...a major programme on the C3A's calendar.
As an Active Ageing Ambassador for the C3A, unk Dicko is happy to do his part to promote and enhance the lifestyle of seniors and retirees within our Singapore community.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of seniors age above 50 in Singapore. Many who have retired or not working stay at home. Most have no clear and concrete plans to occupy their time with fulfilling activities. As we grow older, we lose more contact with childhood friends. That's why many older people feel lonely.
But it is so easy to change the situation. Just get involved in some activities of the many senior groups and re-connect with other seniors...of similar interests. Make new friends. Widen your circle of social inter-action. Enrich your life by helping others.


Yan said...

Go Dad go! Woohoo!

Ka said...

WOW Uncle .... from star status to Superstar!! Proud to be related to you!! :)

Wordhaus said...

Cool stuff!:) Unk Dick you are gonna be spotted everywhere cos C3A has this huge poster in 250 bus stops islandwide. ~ DHo

unk Dicko said...

Cool stuff...DHo.
Luckily for me, all the Mas Selamat posters have somehow disappeared from most everywhere.
Otherwise the public might miscontrue( at least from afar) that unk Dicko is also another escaped convict!

jlow said...

Congratulations, another milestone!