Thursday, March 12, 2009

Manchester Utd vs Inter Old Trafford.

Earlier this morning, 2 "Live" matches were telecast. I caught all the action while having a "teh alia" and prata at my usual House of Prata rendezvous. Some familiar faces whom I've previously met were there too.
Photo: Ronaldo heading in the 2nd goal!
It was quite enjoyable watching a "Live" match with other like-minded fans and hearing all the "oohs and the arhs". I looked around me and was not surprised to see some of our foreign workers among the crowd.

Man United vs Inter Milan
The 1st leg played in Milan homeground ended in a scoreless draw. As the game started, I settled down comfortably with my teh alia in hand. Inter started strongly. But their defenders must still have been asleep when Man Utd had their 1st corner and magician Ryan Giggs sent the cross in. Patrick Viera, who was guarding Nemanja Vidic closely, allowed him to move off and connect with a beautiful powerful header which went into the left corner. Goal!
The time read 4 minutes plus!

The 1st half was actually dominated by Inter with Man Utd under constant threat. But they just could not score! Photo: Vidic celebrating the opening goal!
After the break, Inter came on with renewed hunger, throwing men forward in the 1st wave of attack. Even defender Walter Samuel vacated his post and joined in the menacing forays up front. They fell into the trap which Man Utd is famous for...the swift counter-attack! In one lightning fast move, the ball ended with Wayne Rooney on the left who dribbled and then crossed. The lurking and ever alert Ronaldo outjumped the defenders to head home powerfully. The time read 49th minute of play or 4 minutes after the restart. Both the goals came from headers and both in the 4th minute of play in each half. Uncanny and strange!
United 2- Inter Milan 0.

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