Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Story: Awakening the Dinosaur

The Guidebook ' Adding Life To Years - Happy, Healthy, Active Seniors ' is divided into 8 sections.
1. Foreward
2. Introduction
3. My Work
4. My Savings
5. My Health
6. My Lifestyle
7. The Law & Seniors
8. Conclusion
The story of how I taught myself the computer and other IT skills and my initial foray into the new world of blogging, has been covered quite extensively in many of my previous posts and in media reports as well.
This latest article ' My Story: Awakening The Dinosaur ' was written by Contributing writer Eleanor Yap, who came all the way to my home to conduct an in-depth interview with me. The article is on page 37 of the book under the section 'My Lifestyle'.The photo shooting session was under the very expert hands of a real Pro shooter...Luke Bartholomew Tan. His many one-liners, while he was right behind the camera set-up about to film, made me burst into
uncontrollable laughter!
Unk Dicko is a very observant person about most things...and so I confess I really learnt something by observing the way he handled me....the subject. A real Pro at work!

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