Thursday, March 5, 2009

National Library 16th Floor...PHOTOSHOOT

Last Friday, I went up to this place for the very first time. It is the top most floor of the National Library located along North Bridge Road, near Bugis Junction. It is not opened to the public or to normal visitors. Access is via a private room and the lift there. I had arrived at about 9.55 am and went to the reception counter in the main lobby. There were 2 Indian ladies who spoke with me. I told them I have an appointment at the top floor room. One replied," oh, you can't go there. It's a private area." I said I had an official appointment with the P R firm Ogilvy. " oh, we have no idea. You wait ah...ah what's your name btw?" Then they looked through a clipboard looking none the wiser. Suddenly, another lady seated by the computer terminal spoke, " Sir, are you here for the photoshoot?" Me..."yes". "So you must be Mr Yip". Me..."Yes, I certainly am". " can go to that private entrance there"..she pointed.

I was escorted up to the 16th floor, the top most floor. C3A staff were there and so were Ogilvy too. The others were from the Professional Studio doing the filming.
In all, there were about ten persons plus the equipment needed for the shoot.

The director for the photo session was "Olivier" a Frenchman. He looks like an expert. The rest were doing various things. I was given a set of clothes to try, a touch of makeup and some guidance about what they were hoping to achieve...the outcomes.

The setting was perfect for what they hoped to project...a technological and digital age/background.
I thought so too, having looked around at the ambience and especially the architecture and structures within.
I won't divulge the details of the shoot yet or what it is meant for except to say I had been surprised the session ended ahead of time scheduled for it.
When I asked Olivier how it turned out..he said it was "perfect, very good."

I had a glimpse of some of the shots taken of me from various angles and in different postures. I was the only subject that morning.
Like he said " Perfect! "
The images were truly excellent. But I don't have a single one to show....sigh!

The view from this huge 16th floor recess is spectacular in its own way.
You can see some pics I captured in my next 2 posts.

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