Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Singers of Kg Kembangan

Yesterday, I picked up "young" Mr Tan Thoo Yang from his home and ferried him and myself to Kg Kembangan CC. Despite being busy at times, I try my very best to reschedule my activities or commitments in order to join them at their regular Sing along session.
The members of the singing group were alert when I walked in carrying my guitarlee and as usual my ukulele.
They asked straight away what instrument that is.
Photo: Thoo Yang holding my guitarlee which is a "baby" guitar. It produces a mixed sound of both the guitar and the ukulele.
When I started playing on it, they said afterwards,that they like the sound of it. This Yamaha guitarlee was a birthday gift from my wifey nearly 2 decades ago. It has gone on some overseas journey with me. At last count yesterday,the 5 new persons have joined in.

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