Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unk Dicko and the Kg Kembangan Singers

Last Friday, I was able to drop in again at the Kampong Kembangan CC which is located off Jalan Kembangan close to Chai Chee area.

The English Sing A-long group led by my good ole friend Tan Thoo Yang had already started on their way down memory lane...when I arrived at 1 pm plus.

Originally, I was not able to make it as I had another appoinment in the afternoon. But managed to reschedule and boy were they happy to see me!

They each have their own copies of filed songsheets which I understand was the work of Thoo Yang.

Many of the songs are from the 60's and even much earlier.

Their singing was even better this week than the previous week.

When I do sing along sessions with seniors over the years ( and I have done countless ),at some point in time I will play and sing some songs that may not be in their collection ...just to see if they too are familiar with them.

I had my ukulele with me and created some magical sounds! Thoo Yang was on guitar.

Usually, this is done impromptu and when they respond I can then gauge the extent of their repertoire and also the kind of songs that can go down well with such groups.

We had a really good session by the time we ended when all stood up again to sing the National Anthem.
Yes...so why are they singing the National Anthem? It seems so out of place you'd think, right?

Well, Thoo Yang told me that some time back when he asked some 0f them if they knew how to sing the anthem properly...the answer was a "No". Thus he thought it good and proper to end the session with this ritual.
So you young folks out there....salute this 85 year old patriot please!

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