Friday, March 20, 2009

Wang Yihan...All England Women's Champion!

All England Badminton Championships 2009

This is a good report which I came across a few days ago featuring the newly-crowned All England Ladies" Singles Champion...Wang Yihan. Source: Sunday Times 15 Mar 2009 issue.
I believe we will not only hear more about this excitingly new talent but will get to see her in action in more major tournaments as well.
It does appear that former world Number 1 Xie Xinfang has slowly faded away, likely owing to the many injuries she has incurred.

Wang Yihan seems a little different from the other few "senior" players in the Chinese team whom I have observed in action the last few years.

One major difference is probably Yihan's mental strength. She did not display any nervousness or fear when she was behind nor brazenly wasteful when she's ahead on points.
Playing in a manner and style that was way beyond her maturity...was a huge factor in her recent success.

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