Saturday, April 11, 2009

GUIDE to Golden Years

Some family and friends have told me that the Guidebook, " Adding Life to Years" was featured in a news article in the "TODAY" newspaper edition of Friday,27 March 2009. They must have heard it from their contacts or friends, for none had any copy with them.

Unk Dicko first learn about it the next day, that was Saturday March 28.
Now, as most of you know, this newspaper is free. However, it is not easily available in the sense that only selected places and locations have them. I got my previous copies from the 7 Eleven stores. Someone told me it is also found in the MRT stations.
So, on that Saturday, I happened to be at a neighbourhood 7 Eleven store. There was, as usual, a lady behind the counter. I approached her and spoke chirpily like this.. .

" Hi! Good afternoon! Do you happen to have a copy of yesterday's TODAY?"
She: " Hello sir, TODAY is today. Yesterday is yesterday and Tomorrow is tomorrow. Cannot mix up lah! Banyak susah if we mix up." ( She answered in a jovial manner ).
Me: " I understand lah. I'm looking for a spare copy just in case you have one lying around."
I thought our short exchange was over but she suddenly responded...
She: " Yesterday Today I got I got no yesterday today! "
Haha... I laughed, she laughed, we both ended up tickled by this short exchange.
And I wasn't able to get any copy of that edition until a blogging disciple E Y handed me a copy a few days ago.
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu.... E !


stanley said...

What a pleasant and jovial exchange you had with the counter girl. That encounter definitely has put a smile on my face and it has also put paid to the notion that there is dearth of courtesy in the service sector.

unk Dicko said...

Life is like that!
It takes two hands to make a clap.
Since my approach was polite and chirpy...she too responded likewise!
And yes, we both SMILED too, even though the copies had run out.